Aruba, here we come!

“My calling is for people to experience ease and happiness”

In 2018 Bas Kniest will attend different companies to teach mindfulness based emotional intelligence training, also known as attention training, for eight weeks long. During this period, he will make room to hold (mindfulness) workshops, cold trainings (icebath) and coaching sessions. As well for organizations (hotels, companies) as for individuals. Inspiration sessions at schools and short (weekend) retreats are also possible.

In 1994 Bas discovered, by the time that his life took a turn, despite all the happiness that he tried to find in the outside world, that there are methods to find lasting happiness and to experience it in himself. In this period, most of the time, people would think it was too spiritual and he decided to dedicate himself to the ‘normal’ life. He started working in the catering industry, in youth care, retail and the last eight years in the financial services. After four big reorganizations, he decided to pick up his old passion. He followed coach- and mindfulness studies. He discovered that these millennia old techniques were scientifically examined and the operation had often been demonstrated by renowned institutes such as Harvard, Stanford, Google, etc. Besides, it appeared that many big organizations use mindfulness, attention training or brainhack on a big scale to promote happiness, stress reduction and the development of emotional intelligence (IQ).

In the meantime, he has been helping more and more individuals and organizations to cultivate lasting happiness. Elementary schools, high schools, (semi-) government agencies, insurance companies, ambulance staff, doctors and many more individuals take his work by heart.

About 14 years ago, when their son was 1 year old, they stayed for a while at Aruba, with his wife’s relatives. Her parents origin from Curaçao and Aruba. Now that his company is flourishing in the Netherlands, they can finally give in to their wish to travel to Aruba again. Bas is looking forward to meeting as many people as possible, and introduce them in a relaxed way to the most researched methods in the field of consciousness-expansion. Like Albert Einstein once said: ‘you can’t solve a problem on the same level of consciousness as the one which it’s created on’. And Victor Frankl: ‘between stimulus and response is space. Within that space lays our freedom and choice of happiness.’

Within the different workshops, coaching and/or training, you’ll experience this space, and you’ll learn to find your relaxation, to cultivate, but also techniques to discover and manifest your deepest wishes. Are you, or do you know someone, who is interested to experience these methods? Or do you work in an organisation or school where he can come to share these techniques?

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